To advertise on your local community radio the process has never been simpler.  Get in touch with us – all the details you need are on our contact page – and we’ll arrange for our sales representative to come out and visit you, talk through the various options and tailor an advertising package that best suits your budget.

Campaigns on Awaaz FM accommodate any type of business, large or small,  the power to deliver your message to a niche market place. Delivery of your radio commercial will be via car radio, radios at home (when transmitting on FM), people at work and on-line to a growing digital audience.

Creating your ad campaign couldn’t be easier.  If you don’t have a ready-made radio commercial we can take a few details down and write a professional script for your approval.  It can then be recorded in-house, with either a male or female voice, before  sound effects and background music are added if appropriate.

Radio commercials are the theatre of the mind and in radio we create pictures in the listener’s mind all of the time.

Book your business onto Awaaz FM and benefit from our latest offers.  Get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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