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British abstract and expressionism artist Sally Mackness has already commenced painting the first of 1,560 bespoke original artworks which will be used to raise funds specifically for South Hampshire and the Isle of Wight regions of The Royal British Legion.  Representing the number of days that the Great War lasted, Sally will be creating three variations on a theme and the paintings will be entitled Remembrance (an abstract), Poppies and Flower Pop: Poppies.  Priced at £45 per artwork, 50% of the net proceeds of sale of the limited edition artworks will be donated to the RBL.

The Royal British Legion takes great pride in nurturing innovative ideas and concepts in order to raise awareness through fundraising efforts.

Sally, renowned for the success of her Floral Collection of artworks, is delighted at the collaboration with the Royal British Legion.

During the Poppy Appeal 2015, over 45 million poppies were distributed by 350,000 dedicated collectors.  The generosity of the British public helped the Legion answer over 450,000 calls for help in the last year. The money raised from the Poppy Appeal goes towards the Legion’s work with current Serving personnel, veterans and their families, including innovative dementia care, theatre recovery projects, world-leading research on blast injury studies, and Legion owned seaside break centres.

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Awaaz FM interviewed Sally Mackness and talked about her work with the Royal British Legion.

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