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Dragos 1


Hi Everyone,

My name is Dragos Olar and I am a regular guest on The Late Show (Thursdays 9pm -11pm) on Awaaz Radio.

I’ve studied at Southampton Solent University and love Art. As an Artist, I do portraits for as little as £35 for a colour A3.

I blend my watercolours in a special mixture dating back to the Renaissance that only a handful of artists still know of to this day. This makes the colours more intense, gives them a mild gloss and protects them from the damaging effects of direct sunlight.

On top of that I also combine them with some metallic acrylics in order to put a shine where it is needed. I finish it off with mat black calligraphy ink and white ink for the highlights achieving an overall effect that just cannot be captured by a camera.

You can see my Artwork by visiting my Facebook page here


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