Rapper Ned Interview

We all remember Will Smith and The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, the hugely successful TV sitcom in the early 1990s. Now Southampton rapper Peter Cutler has put his own spin on the song in a bid to put his home town – Totton – in the spotlight.

Peter, known as Rapper Ned, got the idea after visiting the real Bel Air in leafy Los Angeles. His wacky video is proving a You Tube hit. Dressed in shades and a cowboy hat; the video shows Rapper Ned at various locations in Totton, including the shopping precinct.

Awaaz invited Rapper Ned to the studio for an interview – you can listen to the interview with Felix the Cat by following the link below and also listen to the ‘mini-rap’ exclusively for Awaaz!

Rapper Ned part 1

Rapper Ned part 2

Picture 006

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