Pow-Wow Geovation

Awaaz attends PowWow

Awaaz Community Radio took part in the Geovation PowWow Challenge. This is a

challenge that addresses specific community needs which may be satisfied, in part,

through the use of geography. The event took place at the Ordnance Survey building

in Southampton with key members of the community, public and commercial bodies

and Geovation experts. All Geovation challenges are aimed at encouraging and

supporting the development of innovative applications, products and services that

use geographical information to create social, educational, economic and

environmental benefit. At the PowWow Challenge, Awaaz took active roles in

discussing local issues. Geovation is initiated, funded and managed by Ordnance

Survey and encourages open collaboration in addressing communities’ needs where

geography is a key enabler.  A full report of the Geovation PowWow is available via

the link below:  


Southampton Hub Problem PowWow output

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