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1864 Hampshire Cricket Supporters Club


1864 is established to provide pastoral support to those living with, impacted by and effected through dementia, mental health and neurological conditions.

1864 covers the whole of Hampshire, using sport as a means of engaging people, providing new opportunities and the chance for new memories to be created.

1864 is committed to the establishment of strong networks so that they can signpost people to the best community and care organisations at times when they most need it. The club works alongside families providing them with whatever level of support they require, for as long as they need it. This is provided at no cost to the family, with our income coming from sponsorship, grants and donations!

Our key reason for being is to ensure that anyone living with dementia, mental health or neurological conditions does not become abandoned in the corner, cast in a box but instead embraced for the person that they remain, capable of living life; and to ensure that family, friends and colleagues are not living in fear or isolated at a time which is incredibly frightening.

The power of sport is a unique way of being able to cut through the stigma and boundaries and to provide the platform for positivity at a time when that can seem so far away.

Mission Statement

 Awaaz FM is proud to be in a working partnership with 1864 Hampshire Cricket Supporters Club (1864 HCSC)

What does 1864 Hampshire Cricket Supporters Club do?cricket

For individuals living with dementia, mental health and other neurological disorders, their carers, their families and the wider circle of impact, 1864 HCSC will provide;

  1. Memory Days at the Ageas Bowl – bringing people with carers, families and friends along to enjoy a day of cricket, an opportunity to reminisce as well as the provision of respite.
  2. Memory Groups / Café style including monthly visits by 1864 to the community, where groups can meet and have the opportunity to talk sport, music or whatever subjects arise!
  3. 1-2-1 Support Meetings for those who does not want to be a part of the group, but would like some time chatting on their own or with family members
  4. 24 / 7 Family Support; offering pastoral support to families and individuals, through the building of relationships on a personal and more intimate footing, helping and supporting families through the most challenging periods
  5. Ageas Bowl tours over the “winter” months offering a tour and history of the ground thereby maintaining the opportunity to bring people together
  6. Additional Sports – building relationships with other sports where we can link similar visits for families to local clubs to watch sport in a welcome and understanding environment.

Delivery Areas

For further information visit the website: www.1864Hampshire.co.uk

We are a volunteer organisation - Donate to Awaaz FM Community Radio today!

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