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Awaaz FM is a professional station managed by professional people who aim to output a professional sound.

Awaaz FM is Asian broadcasting with a distinct difference as most of our line up is targeted to specific communities from India and Pakistan.  Awaaz FM caters for specific tastes of music from North India (Punjabi), Afghanistan (Pushto), Pakistan (Urdu), English as well as the traditional Bollywood music (Hindi).

You have heard the rest, now try the very BEST in Asian Radio, run by professionals and presented by professionals.  Awaaz FM has influenced local radio listening in Southampton and the surrounding areas already.

The idea of Awaaz FM began in 2007 after identifying the need to set up a new local community radio station that tried to cater for the local Asian community and one that included specific programs to cater the needs of the community.

A gap was present in the already functioning radio stations across the area and this gap needed to be filled.  Many members of the community remain unsatisfied at the lack of specific programs dedicated to religious needs and programs dedicated to listening to the views of its listeners.  Awaaz FM aims to cover this gap.

Awaaz FM – aap ka radio, aap ki awaaz, aap ke shair mein!

Your Voice in Your City

The station’s adopted motto is:

“While most would agree that this seems to be the endall
stratagem, it is only a starting point with endless possibilities”

We are a volunteer organisation - Donate to Awaaz FM Community Radio today!

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